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jon and vera steury

A little about Jon and Vera Steury:

Jon: Asbury College (Wilmore, Kentucky), B.A. in biology/secondary education; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, M.P.H. in maternal and child health Vera: St. Petersburg Junior College, A.S. in liberal arts; Asbury College, B.S. in art education Jon: Coordinator of Maasai Community Health, director and assistant director of Tenwek Community Health and Development, acting director of Olderkesi Development Program, assistant country director, acting country director

Vera: Field editor for The Call, Tenwek guesthouse hostess, Olderkesi guesthouse hostess, station hostess, Sunday School teacher, home school teacher.

During the past two-year term in Kenya, their sixth term as missionaries with World Gospel Mission, Jon and Vera Steury continued living and working at Olderkesi, a remote community among the Maasai tribe. The Lord provided many opportunities for ministry there. Jon was challenged this past term in trying to balance his roles in community health and development with his roles in mission leadership. Having coordinated Maasai Community Health, a small primary healthcare program, since 1989, Jon felt the Lord leading him away from what had been his primary ministry to a more active role in WGM Kenya field leadership. Along with that, he served as acting director of Olderkesi Development Program, mentoring his Kenyan colleague for leadership. Vera ministered to Maasai children, teaching as many as 90 children some Sundays in a children’s church program at local churches around Olderkesi. In addition to maintaining her own home, Vera also served as hostess to the numerous visitors to the work at Olderkesi by housing, feeding, and generally making them feel at home while away from home. As they completed their last term, it became clear why God was moving Jon away from his community health and development work. Jon and Vera have been asked to take up the role of Africa Regional Directors for World Gospel Mission in 2013. They will no longer be based in a rural setting, but in the capital city of Nairobi when they return to Kenya after this period in the USA and will take up this new challenge of serving in leadership as a couple.

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